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About Us

American Jujitsu / Pankration believes in Teaching it Real!!!!
Traditional Americam Ju-Jitsu / Pankration

Although American Ju-Jitsu is less than 20 years old, We come from systems that are over 2000 years old. We have proven that this system works great in the 21st century. In this short period of time, We have worked with and help teach, The Kansas Highway Patrol, Roeland Park Police, KCMO Police, DEA and the Military. We also proved several people from American Jujitsu for Bouncers and Security all around the Kansas City area.

Sport American (MMA) JuJitsu / Pankration
You may get invited to be a Team Member of a proven competitive, NHB, Grappling, Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Boxing school after you have been in the Traditional American Ju-Jitsu System no less the 6 months. 

We offer serious competitors a place to come and test their skills.  We only teach what works and modify it to enhance your personal strength and skills -
No Attitudes Allowed. 

AJJ competes in major tournaments and can allow you the opportunity to prove yourself by competing in the amateur division of the Danger Fire Promotion with Damon Reed and Craig Cumming's Amateur NHB and Grappling Events, Also, Shamrock Promotion with Jesse Finney amateur division one of the top promotions in Kansas City. Also, KCFA amateur division out of Independence, MO, Then we also have Ben Nogueras's Blue Corner Promotion.

Once you have proven your skills, AJJ can open the door to the pro divisions of the. Same names as listed above we support all the greatest shows in the Kansas City area.

Don't wait another day ----
It is time to learn the Real Stuff!

Stop in and see for yourself!

We are committed to providing quality instruction in the Martial Arts to each and every student. 
We place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect.   Learning is the key to all our work.  
Our teaching is done as if we were working with our own family.  
We look forward to serving you.




World Pankration Athlima Federation Is Now Part of FILA!

Our next step back to the Olympics!!

Pankration has been accepted by the International Olympic Committee's Governing Body for Wrestling and in the future Pankration will compete as a part of that organization. The United States Federation of Pankration Athlima, is the sole Governing Body in America for WPAF.

To fully understand the impact of this you must realize that Olympic Sports have what is called Disciplines.

For example, most people think swimming an Olympic Sport, when actually AQUATICS is the "Olympic Sport". Swimming is a "Discipline" of AQUATICS. So is Kayaking ,Wind Surfing, Diving, Racing, etc.

The most well known Disciplines of Wrestling Are Greco/Roman and Freestyle Wrestling.

Pankration's path to the Olympic Games is as a part of the Wrestling Federation. FILA is now Pankration's International Governing Body and Officially Represents us in all Olympic matters.

The WPAF has changed it's name. It will now be known as the World Pankration Athlima Committee.

Pankration's 1st Official competition in the Olympic Sports Program will be in the World Wrestling Championships in Turkey in September 2007. Team USA also has major International event in Portugal November 2007.

Our competition program is open to all US athletes. The USA Pankration Athlima Federation (the National Governing Body of Pankration in the United States) welcomes the participation of all styles and systems in our competition and team selection process.

For membership information contact Dave Sixel at Email: president@usafpa.com

Dave Sixel
USA Pankration Athlina Federation

Owner and Head Instructor:


Steven A. Crawford, Sr. 

Is a 8th Degree Under John Townsley in USA Pankration, 7th Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu, under Kenneth Penland and George Alexander. Mr. Crawford also has a Kyoshi 6th Dan in Kyu Shin Ryu AIKI Jujitsu under Kenneth Penland and Rui Barreto. He has a 6th Degree in American Karate and a Certified Instructor in Police and Military ground fighting under Eric Pence, a 2nd Dan in Combat Grappling under Santos Flaniken, a 2nd Dan JuTaijutsu under Stephen K. Hayes and a 2nd Dan in Shingitai Jujitsu and 1st Dan in Judo under Steve Scott and John Saylor, and is a Carlson Gracie Self Defense Certified Instructor. Mr. Crawford also has a 2nd Dan in Kenpo under Rui Barreto, and 1st Dan Chinese Kenpo under Vic LeRoux in IKCA, Is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Professor's Ron & James Hill under Grande Mastre Ricardo Murgel.

Contact: Mr. Crawford at steve@teamusapankration.com


Other Information: Steven A. Crawford Sr. was Chief Inspector of MMA for The 

Kansas State Athletic Commission for 6yrs.


Vice President of ISCFMMA for 2003 - Present 14yrs and counting, and ISCF Judges & Referees Certification Representative.


Steven A. Crawford, Sr. Founded American Ju-Jitsu Systems in 1995


1995 to Present 
Opened  American Ju-Jitsu, 1995 
Seven affiliated schools.


2014: Shingitai Jujitsu, Kansas City, KS

Promoted to Nidan 2nd Dan. 12/14/2014

Promoted to Shodan 1st Dan Judo 12/14/2014 

2014: Kyu Shin Ryu Aiki JuJitsu, Kansas City, KS

Promoted to Kyoshi-Rokudan 6th Dan. 11/17/2014

2013: USFL (United States Fight League)

USFL Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Steven Crawford Sr, was Promoted to Regional Director, Rank of Kyoshi 8th Dan Pankration May 2013 by Jon Frank. www.fightleague.org

2012: USAFPA (Federation of Pankration Athlima)

USAFPA Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Steven Crawford Sr, was Promoted to the Rank Kyoshi 8th Dan Pankration May 2012 by John Townsley 9th Dan.


2012: PMA Law Enforcement Ground Fighting (April 1, 2012)
Promoted to Chief Instructor for Law enforcement and Military ground fighting. 


USAFPA Affiliated School, Promoted to the Rank of 8th Dan Pankration by John Townsley.


2011: Opened a new school at Inside 68 Sports with Black Belt Damiyahn Smith for former KC Chief player Will Sheilds (68).


2010: Opened a new school in Laramie, Wyoming with AJJ Black Belt Leo Pla

Opened 2 new school in Huntsville, Alabama with Jason Carley and Riviera Fitness Centers


2006: Hired on as Chief Inspector for Mixed Martial Arts, By Aaron M. Davis
Boxing Commissioner of Kansas


2006: Opened AJJ School in Blue Springs MO, at Sumitt Fitness II


2006:  United States Martial Arts Association

Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to Rank of 4th dan JuJitsu by Grandmaster Philip Porter Inducted into the 2002 Hall of Fame.


USAFPA Affiliated School, Promoted to the Rank of 7th Dan Pankration by John Townsley.


2004: Was promoted to The ISCF Advisory Board by
ISCF President Steve Fossum


2004: June 19 Coach, Trainer of Curtis Stout, competitor of UFC 48 . Match 2


2003: Promoted to the of Rank Nidan in the art of To-shin Do Jutaijutsu
(#31) by Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes and 5th Dan Tom Maienza.


USAFPA Affiliated School, Promoted to the Rank of 6th Dan Pankration by John Townsley.

There's a new show in town, Cowtown Rumble; we have entered 24 fighters so far and have only three loses. 21 and 3 updated 10/23/03

With the help of Jeff Osborn, Mr. Crawford opens the Amatuer
divison of Hook-n-Shoot


2002: SKH Quest Center, JuTaijutsu

Promoted to Ni-Dan 2nd Degree, September 20, 2003 in the art of Jutaijutsu Ninjutsu under Stephen K. Hayes and Tom Maienza.


2002: Curtis Stout, goes to Russia and fights Andrei Semenov Match 14

Inducted into the USMAA Hall of Fame



2001: opened 3 new schools - Missouri, Colorado, California.
Coached the first tag team Submission Grappling Champions Brad Jones and Jobe Duran (Evansville, Ind.)



2000: USAFPA (Federation of Pankration Athlima)

Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to the Rank of 5th Dan Pankration by John Townsley 8th Dan.

Coached and Trained, 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal winners in the 2000 Nationals in Athens, Greece.

Won 4 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal, in the Ken Shamrock North American Pan Am Games in San Diego, CA

Trainer of the Iowa State Heavyweight Cage Fighting Champion, Brad Jones

Students earned 50 Gold Medals in USA Pankration Federation.

Coach and Trainer of Champion in the 2nd Annual Black Out or Tap Out 140 lbs. Division, Travis Phippen.

Coach and Trainer of 3rd place winner in Abu Dhabi trials Championships, Travis Phippen.

Coach, Trainer and Manager of
Curtis Stout, competitor of UFC 30. Match 2

1999: United States Martial Arts Association

Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor Promoted to Rank of Shodan JuJitsu by Grandmaster Philip Porter Inducted into the 2002 Hall of Fame.


1999: Malibu Martial Arts Association, Malibu, CA

Kansas Affiliated Instructor Promoted to Rank of Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt Combat JuJitsu, By Master Santos Flaniken.


1998: International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation, Chicago, IL

Kansas Affiliated Instructor Promoted to Certified Self Defense Instructor Under Carlson Gracie, Jr.


1994: I.K.C.A. Association, Seals Beach, CA

Kansas Affiliated School Owner Received 1st Dan in Kenpo, by Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan Opened Crawford's I.K.C.A. Kenpo Karate school Tested and oversaw the development of the 1996 version of the Ultra Man Kenpo Dummy.


1985 Present: Shorinji ryu JuJitsu, Kansas City, KS

Senior Instructor Representative Expanded Shorinji ryu Jujitsu to the Midwest

Promoted to 5th Dan on 4/2/00 by Grandmaster Ken Penland. Implemented training course for new schools.


1978 1980: Midwest Aikido Federation, Kansas City, MO

Student in Training / by Master Fred Newman.


1976 to 1978: Marlboro Community Judo Club, Kansas City, MO

Student in Training / by John Olsen under Steve Scott.
1976 Marlboro, Midwest Judo Champion (Steve Scott, Judo Club).
1977 Marlboro, Midwest Judo Champion
1978 Marlboro, Midwest Judo 2nd Place (Steve Scott, Judo Club)